Adam Franc, a graduate of the photography program from Dawson, has been shooting and honing his craft for over 15 years, ever since he first got his hands on a camera.

Expanding upon his initial portfolios in Architecture and Portraits, Franc has become a jack of all trades. He has worked with interior designers and hotels, contributed editorial work to newspapers and a handful of group exhibitions, and is a freelance photographer for a top wedding studio and a sports photographer.

In his personal work, which is heavily influenced by travel and new surroundings, Franc strives to simultaneously bring out the breadth and minute detail of landscapes. With his ongoing portrait series, he brings human subjects into this multilayered foray, integrating the human figure into the landscape so that they organically compliment one another. Since graduating, Franc has shot everywhere from Cuba and the Florida Keys to New York, San Francisco, Boston and Las Vegas. With a recent trip to Ireland, he has now set his sights on Europe.